§ 1. General
1. By placing an order, the buyer accepts our terms of delivery and payment as binding. 2. Deviations from our terms of sale, in particular different terms, only apply if they are expressly confirmed by us in writing. 3. Changes and additions to the order confirmations submitted to these conditions or to closed contracts are only legally effective if they have been confirmed by us in writing. 4. General terms and conditions of the buyer are only agreed to be effective if they have been brought to our attention in good time and if they do not conflict with the individual contractual provisions or the following provisions.

§ 2 Orders
1. Our offers are non-binding. 2. The contract only comes into being through a written and express order confirmation or through the delivery of the goods and invoice. 3. Deviations of the ordered or delivered items from the order, especially with regard to material and design, remain expressly reserved within the framework of technical progress.

§ 3 Withdrawal by the supplier
The supplier is entitled to withdraw from the contract if: a) Contrary to the assumption existing before the conclusion of the contract, it is found that the buyer is not creditworthy. Bad credit can be assumed without further ado in the event of a bill of exchange or check protest, the cessation of payment by the buyer or an unsuccessful attempt at foreclosure by the buyer. It is not necessary for the relationship between supplier and buyer to be involved. b) it turns out that the buyer has provided incorrect information with regard to his creditworthiness and this information is of considerable importance. c) the goods subject to the supplier's retention of title are sold in a manner other than in the regular course of business of the buyer, in particular by way of security transfer or pledging. Exceptions to this only exist if the supplier has given its consent to the sale in writing.

§ 4 Prices
1. The prices valid on the day of delivery will be charged (latest valid price list). Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, our prices apply "ex works", excluding packaging, postage, freight, insurance and other shipping costs; these will be invoiced separately. 2. All prices quoted do not include VAT. 3. Prices are given in euros

§ 5 Delivery and Dispatch
1. The place of fulfillment for the delivery is the respective distribution center. 2. Agreed delivery periods only begin when we have received all the documents that the customer is required to provide to complete the order. 3. Partial deliveries are permitted. 4. The goods are delivered at the buyer's risk and expense. 5. The type of shipment is at our discretion, without responsibility for the cheapest alternative of shipping. Shipping is freight collect. In the case of urgent, express or airmail shipments, the additional amount will be invoiced. If other shipping costs arise, we reserve the right to calculate them. It is up to the buyer to take out transport insurance. 6. We are released from the obligation to deliver in whole or in part if delivery becomes impossible for operational or non-operational reasons for which we are not responsible. Such reasons entitle us to withdraw from the contract in whole or in part, without the buyer having the right to compensation. 7. If the delay or impossibility is due to circumstances for which we are responsible, the customer shall be entitled to the statutory right of withdrawal, provided that the prerequisites are met. Claims for damages due to delay or impossibility are excluded to the extent permitted by law. Otherwise, in the event of a delay for which the supplier is responsible, the purchaser is only entitled to assert further rights if a grace period of at least three weeks set by him after the occurrence of the delay has elapsed without result. 8. The filing of bankruptcy or composition proceedings, the submission of an affidavit on a list of assets, payment difficulties, the knowledge of a significant deterioration in the customer's financial situation or a change in the ownership of the customer's company entitle us to stop deliveries immediately and to fulfill the contract to refuse current contracts. 9. The exchange or crediting of accessories is excluded.

§ 6 Payment
1. Our invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. If we receive payment within 14 days of the invoice date, we grant a 2% discount. 2. We grant a 3% discount for direct debit. The fees for returned direct debits are to be borne by the buyer. 2. All cashless payments apply